Product Catalog: Embossers

Here's a visual on some of our products. Feel free to e-mail me for more information or orders ^.^

Embossing Stamp
15 designs for you to collect. Each comes with dividers to control how deep the pattern will be embossed from the edge

Embossing Stamp samples
After embossing, rub some crayon or oil pastle on your thumb then rub the colour onto the embossed paper to highlight the pattern. Try using different colours for effects and shading.

Embossing Pen
Used in combination with Embossing Mat will make 3D art.

Embossing Mat
For all your 3D craft and Parchment art

Multipurpose Tool
A tool with head that is interchangeable with blades, embossing points (3 sizes), and pin points (3 sizes). Also comes with cap to loosen head when too tight.

Ribber Machine
Turn paper through the machine to give your paper texture.


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