With two sizes of the same 4 petal design, the punch-out of this puncher is great for making flowers. Just double up the patterns to make a full flower. Try overlapping different colours!

TIP! Try using Message Stickers for a more elegant finish.

Product Catalog: Miscellaneous

Here is a visual on some of our products. Feel free to e-mail me for more information or orders. ^.^

Glitter 10 Colours
Let your art shine!

Glitter 40 Colours
Let your art shine!

Foam Pad
Adding another dimension (different height) to your art

3D Glue
Irreplaceable for 3D art.

Glue Pen
Fill with 3D glue and the fine tip will help you draw designs or write messages then sprinkle with glitter powder to have a shiny piece of work.

Message Stickers

Fine tipped tweezers to aid you with picking up delicate art work.


Product Catalog: Embossers

Here's a visual on some of our products. Feel free to e-mail me for more information or orders ^.^

Embossing Stamp
15 designs for you to collect. Each comes with dividers to control how deep the pattern will be embossed from the edge

Embossing Stamp samples
After embossing, rub some crayon or oil pastle on your thumb then rub the colour onto the embossed paper to highlight the pattern. Try using different colours for effects and shading.

Embossing Pen
Used in combination with Embossing Mat will make 3D art.

Embossing Mat
For all your 3D craft and Parchment art

Multipurpose Tool
A tool with head that is interchangeable with blades, embossing points (3 sizes), and pin points (3 sizes). Also comes with cap to loosen head when too tight.

Ribber Machine
Turn paper through the machine to give your paper texture.

Product Catalog: Cutters and Scissors

Here is a visual on some of our products. Feel free to e-mail me for more information or orders ^.^

Circle Cutter
Cutting Circles with ease and peace. There are measurements on the body to make sizing the circle easier and also a safety cap for when the cutter is not in use.
Comes with 4 spare blades, point protector and pencil lead.

Circle Cutter blade refill

5 in a pack

Plastic Template Set
Includes 2 circle template of different sizes, 1 star template and 1 oval template.
Note: Needs to be used with Circle Cutter.

Cutting Mat
Vital for protecting your work table and your blades

Flexible Scissors
Fine tipped scissors with comfortable handles to safely cut more delicate art work.

Zip-Zap Scissors
To give your borders a beautifully shaped edging


Product Catalog: Punchers

Here is a visual on some of our products. Feel free to e-mail me for more information or orders ^.^

4-in-1 Punch
A puncher that comes with 3 plates to enable lace punch, border punch and two versions of corner punch. We have 31 designs for you to collect!

Medium Punch
6 lovely designs for you to collect. Makes wonders with a little help from embossing mat and embossing pen.


Product Catalog: Paper

Here is a visual on all our products. Feel free to e-mail me for more information or orders ^.^

Rainbow Card
Effortless way to give shadings to your paper craft. Also good for medium punch as each punch will come out a different shade of colour.

Glitter Card
For art that shine

Duo Paper
Paper with different colour on each page of a single sheet of paper. Good for paper art that require folding.

Coloured Paper


918 is more elegant with finer design. The curls look like hearts and can be used as such. They can also be made into stalks of flowers (it will look like lavender flowers)

TIP! Always try to use contrasting colour for the back card and the paper that you punch to highlight the pattern better. Combination of bright colours on white never goes wrong. Try putting the 2 colours you want to use next to each other to test if the colours go well together.



Perfect for floral themed designs. Can also be matched with medium punch butterfly to make a 3D effect.
TIP! A combination of A plate and B plate will enable you to make a continuous corner border. Try it!

Book Mark Ideas

Here are some of the designs created by our Kreaxions Team

Enjoy ^.^

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