1) Will the puncher get blunt? How can I sharpen the puncher's blade?
  • Like any other tools, long and constant usage will lead to wear and tear. However, you can use sand paper that is of fine grade. Just punch it as you would with normal paper about 5 times and you are done!
2) What sort of paper can be used by the punchers?
  • Recommended paper would be those between 120-180gsm. Any thinner or thicker may damage the puncher. However, with thinner papers, you can fold it to double the thickness then punch.
  • Please note that the punchers are only meant for paper, NO other materials such as foam or cloth should ever be used.
3) What tools/accessories do I need for crafting?
  • That would depend on what you want to do. For 3D art, embossing pen and mat as well as the 3D glue and glue sringe is advisable. 
  • For making windows (oval and circle), you will need the circle cutter, plastic help frame and of course the self-healing mat to protect your blades and worktable. 
  • Framings and center pieces can be produced with just one puncher
4) Is there a minimum age for children to use the tools?
  • The punchers can be used as long the child has enough strength to press it. Lower tables (about the height of the person's hip) will make it easier to punch.
  • The cutters such as circle cutter, precision knife, and flexible scissors should be used under supervision until they are old enough to understand and follow all the safety steps.
  • For younger children, a good start would be to use embossing stamps, punch-outs (especially from medium puncher), embossing pen and mat. 
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